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The Wood Jewel Collection

Pendants from £19
Hearts from £19
Teardrops from £19
Sailing Boat from £19
Personalised from £19
Antler from £19
Heart Necklace from £11.25
Jewellery Bowl from £37.50
Trinket Box £40

These pendants are hand-crafted from dyed wood, curly birch or reindeer antler. The curly birch is produced in limited quantities in managed forests in and around Scandinavia. It is highly sought after due to its unique grain patterns and can be found adorning expensive wood panelling on passenger ships, luxury homes and cars.

The reindeer antler is found on the forest floor as a result of reindeers shedding their old set to allow new and larger antlers to grow.

As wood and antler are natural products, grain patterns and colouring may differ from that shown in the photographs.

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Keep checking back to these pages as new jewellery items will be added from time to time.

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