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Must Try Harder ...!

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Well, my new year's resolution for 2017 to write more blogs didn't last too long and went the way of my other resolutions - out the door! It's funny how easy it is to make excuses Not to do something - so I won't bore you with my weak excuses.  Ley me just say that I'm not making any resolutions for 2018 but hope that I'll - as my old school teacher used to say - "try harder"!

Christmas was a pretty busy period - so thank you to all our customers and I hope you were pleased with your purchases. Eeva and I have a few new ideas for products and as time allows us to develop prototypes these will be appearing on the website in due course. We also consider commissions so if there is anything specific you would like made please get in touch.

I’ve been making some long overdue updates to the website. Most importantly I’ve added an estimated date of dispatch for each product we sell. This date largely depends upon the number of orders we have at any given time but I’m confident that the majority of orders will be sent out within the timescales stated. In any case, once an order is placed we will advise the customer of the date of dispatch. If you have any specific time constraints please get in touch before ordering to ensure we can meet your deadline.

I’ve also been catching up with maintenance on my tools and machines. I was particularly pleased with the replacement parts for my Record Power bandsaw. I needed new bearings for the lower wheel as well as a new motor capacitor. Record Power quoted me £20 + VAT for a bearing (I needed two) and £15 + VAT for a motor capacitor. But searching on the internet I found a pair of bearings for £4 and a capacitor for £1.84 all including postage! It cost me £20 to get the new bearings installed in a local engineering works but overall I saved myself quite a bit of money! Happy days!


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